Powerful features to get you paid

Empower yourself by selling your product, accept payments globally, earn rewards.

Aircart features

Empower yourself by selling your product, accept payments globally, earn rewards.
Automatic Payouts
We automatically deposit your money into your paypal account every Friday. So you can concentrate on creating and we'll handle getting you paid effortlessly.
Free File sharing
Share unlimited files easily with our simple drag and drop interface. Transfer files across the world in seconds.
24/7 Withdrawals
Your money is available in your account as soon as you make a sale. We don't believe in waiting for days or weeks to get paid. Simply log into your account to withdraw your money at any time.
Unlimited Products
Add as many products as you want to your account. We have no limits on the number of products you can sell or how much you can earn. The sky is the limit. Go nuts
Fast checkout
Give your customers a blazingly fast checkout & download experience. Take advantage of our servers around the world to ensure that anyone can buy and download your product in seconds.
Smart notifications
Once you upload a product on aircart, that's it, you do not have to come back and check on how its doing everyday. We send you an email each time your product is sold when we have paid you.
Full time support
We are dedicated to helping you make that sale. Our support team is always ready to help with any issue you might face. Send us an email, DM us on social media and we will get you sorted.
NFT's (coming soon)
With the growth of blockchain technology, we look forward to introduce a platform that gives advantage to creators in the race for the future by being able to sell your creations as NFTS in the blockchain.

Our Roadmap

Here’s what we have planned. Want to add a feature to our roadmap, request a feature.
In Development
Create and sell tickets to your real and virtual events and get paid easily.
Affiliate marketing
Create your full-featured affiliate program with your store. Recruit, manage, handle payouts for affiliates.
Create and launch your own storefront in seconds and sell all your digital goods in one place.
Get your products featured on our worldwide discover page and discover products from other creators on a global marketplace.
Create and launch exclusive communities to share your content with for a monthly fee you set. Design, launch, and manage your own community.
Additional payment methods
Enable / disable payment methods: Apple Pay, Bancontact, iDeal, Alipay, and Boleto.
Product analytics
Get real time analytics to your product sales and customers, get insights into how to grow your sales.
Email marketing features
With the release of email marketing, we plan to supercharge your marketing capabilities with fully fledge marketing automation, sequences, triggers and more.
API: Read & write access
Providing further flexibility to aircart using our API. Providing developers to create product links.
Blockchain for Creators : Non Fungible Tokens and Soul Bound Tokens
Publish and sell your products on the blockchain , claim ownership forever and get royalties